Growth of God (2022)

Tahun : Sub Indonesia 81 Min IMDb 9.1 Kualitas : HD

Nonton Film Growth of God (2022) Sub Indo

Nonton Film Growth of God (2022) gratis - Growth of God (2022) The film tells the story of the Barefoot Immortal, as he descends into the mortal worlds to look for Ru Yi, went from being the narrow-minded bully, to maturing into a kind and bold, big-hearted person. Barefoot Immortal befriended the villager Pian Pian on earth, who ended up sacrificing herself in order to save the village. From her, he saw honestly, kindness and beauty. From the solidarity, and how the villagers stood together to protect the “green bird” in the village, he understood gratitude and repayment of gratitude. The Barefoot Immortal came to his senses. In the end, he gave up the opportunity to return to heaven, chose to travel the earth to do good around, to further encourage people in times of crisis to dare to come forward, show solidarity, strong faith, courage to pursue, with a call for justice with kindness…

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