Khun Phan 2 (2018)

Tahun : Sub Indonesia 130 Min IMDb 6.9 Kualitas : HD

Nonton Film Khun Phan 2 (2018) Sub Indo

Nonton Film Khun Phan 2 (2018) gratis - Khun Phan 2 (2018) The end of World War 2 was approaching, Japan was on the brink of defeat, Thailand’s administrative power from the capital reached its low. Bandits who wielded the power of sorcery built their own kingdoms. The 4 notorious ones who were feared by all; Sua Fai, Sua Bai, and Sua Mahesuan of Suphan Buri, and Sua Yom who ruled Chai Nat. They roamed, robbed, and killed anybody who stood in their way and nobody knew where were their lairs. Khun Phan was urgently called into service to infiltrate the bandit gangs using the alias “Sua Butr”. He became a close friend of Sua Bai and became a minion of the Great Sua Fai.

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