Pachinko (2022)

Tahun : No Subtitles 55 Min IMDb 8.4 Kualitas : HD

Nonton Film Pachinko (2022) Sub Indo

Nonton Film Pachinko (2022) gratis - Kim Sun-Ja was born and raised in Busan, Korea in the early 20th century, while Korea was under Japanese rule. She falls in love with a man named Koh Han-Su. She can see that he is a powerful person and from a different social class from her, but she is unaware of his complete background. Meanwhile, a church priest named Baek Isak comes to stay at the lodge run by Kim Sun-Ja’s mother. When he learns of Kim Sun-Ja’s situation, he tries to give her advice, but, when he experiences her unwavering conviction, he offers to marry her. Kim Sun-Ja soon moves to Japan and faces difficult times as a Korean immigrant living in a unfamiliar land.

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