Revenge Girl (2022)

Revenge Girl
Tahun : Sub Indonesia 84 Min IMDb 9.3 Kualitas : HD

Nonton Film Revenge Girl (2022) Sub Indo

Nonton Film Revenge Girl (2022) gratis - In the future world, artificial intelligence is highly developed, and the underground scientific research organization controlled by Cheng Fei secretly develops brain-computer chips used to stimulate the potential of the human body, in an attempt to cultivate a group of supernatural beings and seek immoral profits. After an incident, Cheng Fei ordered the removal of all the experimenters, because of this, Qianhe’s mother died, and the young Qianhe escaped alone. For the next ten years, Qianhe and her grandmother depended on each other for life, living in a shady underground river. Qianhe has always been brooding about what happened back then, but due to the lack of clues, the exact location of the underground organization back then couldn’t be found anymore

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